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Groundhog Day

Sunday, February 2 // Opening early at 6:00 AM

For over 70 years the Sun Prairie community has been celebrating Groundhog Day, and we’re proud to share in that tradition. We will be opening early at 6:00 AM with hot coffee, breakfast, and Jimmy the Groundhog-themed cookies before the Prognostication across the street in Cannery Square at sunrise (shortly after 7:00 AM). Make time before or after the event to stop at Market Street Diner for more Groundhog Day fun!

Stay warm
We will be opening at 6 AM with our full breakfast menu to welcome Groundhog Day revelers.

Jimmy the Groundhog cookies and free cupcakes!
Is there anything better? As part of the festivities, we’ll be passing out free mini cupcakes at the diner after Jimmy’s prognostication, and we’ll have Jimmy-themed sugar cookies available for purchase. Get yours while supplies last.

Jimmy The Groundhog
In 2015, Jimmy the Groundhog was the 10th in line of official Sun Prairie prognosticators and lived on a little farm with the Jerry Hahn family. Jimmy was released back into the wild shortly after his 2015 prediction took a strange turn when Jimmy bit Mayor Jonathan Freund in the rear during the Groundhog Day celebration. Historically, Jimmy the Groundhog has an 80% accuracy rating which is higher than that of Punxsutawney Phil. Phil boasts a measly 39% accuracy rating. Jimmy the Groundhog is truly one of the elite prognosticating groundhogs in all of the United States.